Spring Update

Beardedflea posted Mar 30, 18

Hello all, and of course a warm welcome to those that have just found and joined Goreacraft.

With April being just around the corner, we believe it is time to reset the FTB Infinity server on April 6th.

Firstly I just want to say how pleased I am to see such a demand in an old modpack and players still being interested in Goreacraft. It has been an adventure for all of us and I think it has been worth it. We have made tremendous improvements with performance fixes and gained a lot of knowledge of the internals of modded minecraft. Of course this will not stop us in improving, however we are pleased to see a  4 month old map running smoothly and not causing any problems.

I’m sure you are wondering to yourself why April 6th for a reset. Well firstly it helps us staff fit our time schedule around that date, and secondly it allows us to take a breather and fix major problems that have been floating around within the 1st incarnation of Infinity. I can understand the frustration of waiting 2 weeks for a server reset, but this schedule will make the transition as smooth as possible and should allow the 2nd incarnation be as painless as possible. (It also allows the staff to play)

With that being said the problems that have been floating around have and will be addressed. All worlds should now have no problem with displaying respective ranks of players ( the only exception are vip ranks can’t be displayed in private worlds, as private world ranks take priority. This is a limitation with groupmanager.) We will also be taking documentation of banned/restricted items more seriously. We are addressing this and will hopefully be able to make all item and block changes more legible for the player.

On another note we will also be reviewing the market world. This will include rent/buy prices of shop plots and chests, the size of shops and where they are most appropriate, and just generally shuffling around the layout of the entire map.

Before I conclude this post it is important to mention that ALL donation packages will be transferred to the next reset. So please do not panic that you didn't use your bonus towny chunks. Secondly this also allows private world owners to change the settings of their worlds. Of course all of this is a manual process so ask an admin first.

Finally I think it’s best we address future plans of Goreacraft. At some point we will have a server that will host a public 1.12 modpack, and following that we will hopefully host a custom pack alongside it.

Hopefully this update answers some questions and should bring everyone up to speed with our plans. Until next time, I shall see everyone in game.



Lord_Fusion good job fleaded dad beard im proud of you