Moosik Plox Ficks Teh Survur

musicmanpwns @ Infinity Evolved
posted Jan 30, 18

Hey players! Time for an update on server status, now that we’ve been up for almost 3 months.


In the past, 3 months would mean a world reset. We want to try something different this server. Most of the people that have joined and built bases have been consistent players and because of this, we see no point in resetting the server! The world border has been expanded to a radius of 6000 (12k by 12k world) and all those chunks have been preloaded. When needed, we will continue to expand the world and attempt to regenerate very old bases that have long since been looted and abandoned.

Onto a far more important topic- Server TPS. For those of you that consistently check this, you’ll notice that when a lot of players are on (15 to 20) the TPS drops to about 10 to 12. This really isn’t that bad considering the amount of mods on the server. That said, we need YOUR help to stop the lag monster from eating players. Here are some tips that should help you guys end… THE LAG.

Applied Energistics 2: Big AE2 systems are absolutely fine. Throughout the years, AE has constantly been pushing for better performance and has really done a great job. That said, try to avoid loops in cabling and too many sub-networks.

BEES: THIS IS IMPORTANT! To all you bee lovers that love having tons of bees. That’s fine. I respect that. But there are some things you need to keep in mind when setting them up. The effect that the bee has on it is very very important. When bees have effects, they have to constantly scan areas around themselves, tick after tick, to see if they can flower or empower nodes. The biggest offender of this is the empowering effect. Not only is it constantly scanning its surroundings, it’s also changing nodes around it. Please keep this effect on only 1 or 2 bees and don’t have them constantly running. The best effect for bees to have is NONE. Keep this in mind when you are setting up your bees.

Big Reactors: These aren’t bad at all, just keep the large ones confined to one chunk if possible.

Blood Magic: Don’t go over the top with your villager blood reactors. That is all.

Botania: Sparks are a huge problem. Having about 10 or 20 of them is fine, but much past that, please use mana spreaders and distributors.

Buildcraft: The quarry does not cause lag! Yay!  (working on it)

EnderIO: The conduits, while super convenient, cause tps and frame issues. It’s absolutely fine to use some for small projects, but please don’t run them through your base. Thermal expansion has much nicer ducts for this.

Project-Red: This mod is a pain in the butt. It sucks. Use in limited quantities to prevent server crashes at random.

Mob Spawners: Don’t have a bunch of entities stacked in a small square. Make sure they all die and collect their tasty(?) drops.


That’s about it for ways you can stop the lag monster in its tracks. Honestly, the biggest offender right now is bees. PLEASE help us and don’t make all your bees have crazy effects.

Just a couple more things now.


You may think we have not made any progress in donations. The reality is, we have, it has just all been behind the scenes. We have had to rewrite a lot of group manager permission nodes to make private worlds work and testing this has been a nightmare. Rest assured, you vip’s will be able to fly and craft things on the go very shortly; private worlds are coming.


Congratulations to our top monthly voters! This month, it is edward_hoang in first place, bollesmurf in second, and vettesmurf76 in third. Thank you so much for voting on our servers. It brings new players and helps us on the server leaderboards!


I’ll be making another post in the next few days detailing our rules and banned items lists, and possibly considering unbanning some more things! Yay!

Thank you so much for playing on Goreacraft,

Have a nice day,