Goreacraft Update

Beardedflea posted Nov 23, 17  -  InfinityNewsUpdate

Hello to the very few that still play Goreacraft. If you haven’t noticed we have been trying to get some servers up.

We wanted to revive Goreacraft and we thought it was best to use a small, resource-light, mainstream modpack and the answer to that was Direwolf20 1.7.10. However due to FTB being marvelous people they left the pack in an unfinished state with many problems, we were dumb and only found this out along the way whilst hosting a server.

So in “secret” I decided it was best to host Infinity 1.7.10 and iron out the kinks that was riddled within the modpack. Infinity has been a blessing (I won’t be saying that again) with FTB miraculously updating the pack (shocker to you and me both) and with the updates come stability patches, dupe fixes and general fixes that has made the pack stronger in quality but importantly has made our lives as server hosters easier.

Whilst this is all great and dandy, hosting 2 packs on 1 server for the time being is not an option. Firstly manpower is probably the biggest issue and secondly server performance(having 3 gb to a pack is going to cause problems). So with that I will be shutting down Direwolf20 immediately, if you have been playing direwolf20 recently you are of course welcome to join Infinity and you shall be reimbursed.

I’m sorry that hard decisions have been made as of recent, but hopefully these choices should help us in the long run, thank you for reading.